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Protex® 101X

Additional Info

  • Description:

    3 mil white biaxially oriented polypropylene coated with a propriety stabilized acrylic latex
    adhesive which allows for limited repositioning.

    Environmental Impact:
    Protex 101X was engineered to reduce the daily waste stream delivered to landfills.

    Conditions of Use:

    - Product must be kept free of FOD at all times.
    - Product must be stored and applied in ambient temperatures.
    - Product must be stored and applied out of direct sunlight
    - Product must not be exposed to high levels of humidity or moisture.
    - Product must be immediately repositioned on to a clean surface.  

  • Application Surface: Metals, Plastics, Glass, Painted Surfaces
  • Substrate: Paper
  • Thickness: 3 MIL (polyester)
  • Application:

    This revolutionary product will provide superior pressure sensitive protection as well as abrasion resistance on a variety of surfaces including glass, metal, acrylic and wood. The adhesive structure allows for the product to be repositioned on surfaces maintained in ambient conditions and not exposed to sunlight, moisture or elevated temperatures.  

  • Surface Sensitivity: Yes
  • Adhesion Level: LOW
  • Heat Tolerance: No heat applied, 100° - 150°, 150° - 300°
  • Typical Properties - Backing:

    Basis Weight (gr. /24) 3.4-3.6
    Thickness (mils) 2.6-3.5
    Elongation (% MD) 110

    24maximum width promotes optimum material handling conditions while minimizing waste.

  • Typical Properties - Adhesive:

    Base Acrylic Polymer Blend
    Adhesion to Steel (oz. /in width) 6-12 (-0.6/+1.2)
    PSTC-1 modified

  • Typical Properties - Liner: Yes
  • Typical Properties - Storage:

    Shelf Life - 1 Year

    Repositionable - Up to 5 times within shelf life

    The number of times the product is able to be repositioned may vary depending on the length of time the product is applied to a surface.  

  • Standard Sizes Available:

    48x 60 yards