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Protex® 1321D-3

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  • Description:

    3 mil clear polyester film.

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    Distributor Size
    Southwest Paper Company 24"
  • Application Surface: Metals
  • Substrate: Paper
  • Thickness: 3 MIL (polyester)
  • Application:

    Designed for surface protection of alclad, polished aluminum and other types of metal surfaces during various machining operations, such as drilling, routing, milling and some forming operations. It will prevent aluminum chips from scratching the surface of the metal during various operations.

    PROTEX 1321D-3 is also used to block out areas not to be treated during various anodize, alodine and chemical milling operations. Prior testing is necessary to determine individual requirements.

    PROTEX 1321D-3 is used where less protection than Protex 1321D-5 is required.

    Liner allows the product to be die-cut if desired.

  • Surface Sensitivity: No
  • Adhesion Level: MEDIUM
  • Heat Tolerance: No heat applied
  • Typical Properties - Backing:

    Thickness, mils 3
    Elongation, % 130 min.
    Tensile strength, PSI/mil 30,000
    Tear, grams/mils 15

  • Typical Properties - Liner: flatback
  • Standard Sizes Available:

    36" x 100 yds, 48" x 100 yds

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