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Protex® 1445

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  • Description:

    5 mil clear polyester film with high tensile, tear and impact strength. It is inert in water and moisture/ vapor resistant. Material is unaffected by oils, greases and volatile aromatics.

  • Application Surface: Composite Milling, Moisture Barrier
  • Substrate: Polyester
  • Thickness: 5 MIL (paper, polyester)
  • Application:

    Applied to aluminum or stainless steel under galley and lavatory areas on commercial aircraft to prevent water damage or corrosion of the metal. Can be die-cut for aircraft windows during stripping operations.

    Applied to one side of fiber or aluminum honeycomb core material to hold in place on vacuum table for milling opposite side.

    Temperature range - 80°F. to 300°F.

    PROTEX 1445 is used where less adhesion is required than PROTEX 223-5.

    Liner allows the product to be die-cut if desired.

  • Surface Sensitivity: No
  • Adhesion Level: LOW
  • Heat Tolerance: No heat applied
  • Typical Properties - Backing:

    Thickness, mils 5
    Elongation, % M.D. 60-110
    Tensile strength, PSI/mil 30,000
    Tear, grams/mils 15

  • Typical Properties - Adhesive:

    Adhesion to steel, lbs/inch width 5-8 (-1.0/+1.6) (At time of manufacture)
    PSTC-1 (Modified)

  • Typical Properties - Liner: flatback
  • Standard Sizes Available:

    48" x 60 yds

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