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Protex® 20V

Additional Info

  • Description:

    20 mil latex impregnated paper with external vinyl coating for more abrasion resistance.

  • Application Surface: Metals, Plastics, Glass, Painted Surfaces
  • Substrate: Paper
  • Thickness: 20 MIL (paper)
  • Application:

    Heavy duty protection of acrylic windows, canopies, windshields and certain metal and painted surfaces where high abrasion resistance is required.

    Protex 20V is used to protect wood interiors of high quality business jets during manufacturing.

  • Surface Sensitivity: No
  • Adhesion Level: HIGH
  • Heat Tolerance: No heat applied, 100° - 150°
  • Typical Properties - Backing:

    Backing: Basis wt., lbs/3000 sq. ft. 175-187
    Thickness, mils 19-23
    Tensile strength, lbs/inch M.D. 25 min
    Elongation, % M.D. 10 min
    Elmendorf tear, grams, M.D. 280 min
    C.D. 360 min

  • Typical Properties - Adhesive:

    Base Natural latex
    Adhesion to steel, oz/inch width 30-40 (-5/+7) (At time of manufacture)
    PSTC-1 (Modified)

  • Typical Properties - Liner: flatback
  • Standard Sizes Available:

    36" x 30 yds, 48" x 30 yds

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