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Protex® 5

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  • Description:

    4-5 mil latex saturated paper. Paper printed in red ink: SCRATCHES CAUSE REJECTIONS -- HANDLE WITH CARE

  • Application Surface: Metals, Plastics, Glass, Painted Surfaces
  • Substrate: Paper
  • Thickness: 5 MIL (paper, polyester)
  • Application:

    Used on various surfaces to include exterior aluminum skins in the aerospace industry. After applications, tape can be routed, drilled, countersunk and riveted. Used on bare metal, titanium, stainless steel and painted surfaces. Liner allows the product to be die-cut if desired.

  • Surface Sensitivity: No
  • Adhesion Level: MEDIUM
  • Heat Tolerance: No heat applied, 100° - 150°
  • Typical Properties - Backing:

    Basis wt., lbs/3000 sq. ft. 42-49
    Thickness, mils 4.1-5.1
    Tensile strength, lbs/inch M.D. 12.7 min
    Elongation, % M.D. 6.0 min
    Elmendorf tear, grams, M.D. 56 min
    C.D. 56 min

  • Typical Properties - Adhesive:

    Base Natural latex
    Adhesion to steel, oz/inch width 17-22 (-3/+4) (At time of manufacture)
    PSTC-1 (Modified)

  • Typical Properties - Liner: Flat
  • Standard Sizes Available:

    36" x 60 yds, 48" x 60 yds

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